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October 16, 2014 at 2:38pm
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looking at the home screen. #reflection

looking at the home screen. #reflection

October 11, 2014 at 1:03am
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we journeying

through Male’
as my lover drives
long empty streets
sleeping city
alone and together
under shimmering light
of the rising sun
we journeying
with love
to ayesh my love

October 2, 2014 at 12:20pm
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"i dont wanna hold you hostage" / excerpts from a chatlog with moyameehaa Fri, Jun 8, 2012 at 7:58PM

moya: hahaha ey kihinehtha mivanee.
me: hahahaha
moyameehaa hama moyavanee
moya: lol
me: hehe
moya: lol
8: 00 PM
me: experiment 2.0
moya: but this is just too confusing.
i may have to contradict myself. gasp
me: reset your head cache
that';ll be fine
let go of self!
shed ego
it'll be fun
moya: but ego =/= identity. is it?
me: let go
thats what my book of the dead said
ppl are walking contradictions - didnt you listen to green day?
8: 02 PM
moya: lol
me: but todays theme is
who is your trinity?
http: //
8: 03 PM
moya: trinity?
whoz yours?
me: i have many i think... they each have a part of me
have to get those and join them together to unlock me
8: 04 PM
so i need to go back and buy that turqoiuse dress cox trinity would never wear that
next have to go shopping for black leather
: )
moya: hhahah
8: 05 PM
well i dont think i have a trinity. : /
me: you havent found one yet, or you dont need one
before her release from the Matrix, she chose the alias of Trinity as a hacker, to imply that she is as enigmatic as trying to grasp the concept of a "Three-In-One Being."[2] Trinity is the force who guides Neo to his "salvation," as well as commanding Neo to rise up from his apparent death in the first film, implying a further parallel between her character and God.
moya: i dunno. what exactly are you referring to?
me: hahaha
8: 06 PM
She ultimately meets her end in the Source of The Matrix, merging with a human inside the core of the Machine code base itself, combining the three core groups; Man, Machine and Program. This initializes the final reboot sequence, removing the Oligarch control and allowing the Machines to finally exist without fear of cruel masters.
moya: like savior ?
me: yeah something like that
trinity is the one who did it for neo
even though he was the chosen one
her role was essential in the whole thing
moya: oh well then i have plenty.
me: ahh good then
same like me
8: 07 PM
fuck no i dont wanna be someones goddess
i will have to run like forrest gump in that case
8: 08 PM
moya: but this whole ego thing, u knw without ANY ego u wont be human?
me: yeah i know what you mean
but its a continual process to try and shed it.. zen/nirvana
let me find that passage
8: 09 PM
moya: ive read this new age thing recently. was the simplest version of it ive read yet. was reading the same shit in sufi books...but the new earth guy made it much more simple.
id recommend if u havent read it yet.
8: 14 PM
me: share?
gaaah i cant ctrl+f search in paper books
i'm reading tibetian book of the dead
moya: hahaha.
8: 15 PM
me: very enlightening
its all same story throughout the ages in different forms
the same ideas
and still humans are still in the same shit!
8: 16 PM
moya: yeahp. dats the amazing thing about all this. when u really look in to it, they were all talking about the same shit. very very similar
me: exactly!
finally good to meet someone who shares the same view
8: 17 PM
the human condition has never changed
moya: Ekam sat vipra bahudha vadanti” - Truth is one; sages call it many names >>> from one of the oldest of hindu vedas.
me: we've been on this planet for about 5,000yrs in this form
and still grappling with the same shit
all cultures / all religions / all communities
no matter what language its the same
same central idea
8: 18 PM
moya: yehp. coz we are all the same. we think the same.
me: precisely
8: 19 PM
we should have a separate coffee to talk about this... and exchange reading lists
moya: most certainly
8: 20 PM
ur infj right?
me: hehehe nopes
i'm toilet paper
have you done the test btw?
moya: no. gonna now.
ok enjoy..
8: 21 PM
so whats the deal?
moya: btw they launched will be functional in a week i think.
me: yeah i heard.. havent had a look yet thought
8: 24 PM
salhi.. i can operate 2 accounts simultaneously with twitter for mac app
8: 25 PM
moya: oh i can block u though. ;p
me: hahaha
moya: just go to apps >> revoke access.
me: you mean @moyameehaa will block @moyameehaa?
yeah i know
: P
so what do you wanna do?
i dont wanna hold you hostage
8: 26 PM
moya: but it is fun right? lol
me: yeah..
moya: apparently im not myself lately. lol
8: 27 PM
me: like a flickring tv screen
yeah man wtf is up with you these days?
moya: ok maybe some other time for that experiment.
8: 28 PM
id be leaving to ari atoll in two days or so. want total peace.
me: '' .. loosen the mesmerising web of the ego's unrealistic expectations - its clouds of hopes, fears and misunderstandings - and to break through the wall of our separation from the actual nature of things. "
signing out of moyameehaa
in 3, 2, 1
8: 29 PM
moya: kool. and this test is very confusing. i cant decide what i want. :/
me: you mean?
8: 30 PM
just answer.. they'll be doubles too
moya: like what kinda workplace u like...i like em both. depends.
me: but you are pretty self-actualized
so very INXX i'd say
but you take it and see what you get
also note the percentages
8: 31 PM
lucky you're not getting it professionally administered - that takes 4hrs
moya: k. lets see. APPLE
moya: oh god. i want that.
me: apple from the garden of eden?
moya: yeah. sorta.
me: same here
we have so much in common
8: 35 PM
moya: wowowow.
me: and here i thought ehju was my conjoined twin
moya: lol. ehju also have a lot in common
moya: wowowo. mind = blown.
me: hahahaha
8: 38 PM
aaahh my timeline scrolls at a nice pace now : )
8: 39 PM
moya: yeah. mine is too much dho
me: yeah.. you need to detox it
8: 40 PM
moya: wow. wowowowow
me: mindWOWed right?
8: 41 PM
moya: yeah. and the movements. wowowowow. like the muppets.
me: hehehe
you should meet her in person!
moya: lol. alright, must have a wowcoffee then
8: 46 PM
me: done deal
moya: and whatever the frack happened to sikundeege thoofaan?
8: 47 PM
me: hehe
blew away with the wind?
noo, its still on
did ehju show you that website?
moya: she did show me a website. which one was it.
8: 48 PM
8: 49 PM
i think we need to work a brief
me: hv you sen <>?
moya: yeah have
8: 54 PM
me: also wanted to have quantitative data.. so we can do visualizations
8: 55 PM
you get it right?
8: 56 PM
moya: yeahp
8: 57 PM
http: //
http: //
check these too. similar idea, like nonprofit people's media.
8: 58 PM
me: yeah.. we need indymedia
moya: but much much bigger
me: actually we need people
moya: i mean these American ones are. coz they have people.
me: even julian assange's new things is similar to that
moya: yeah. RT program?
me: americans are real idiots!
yup that one
moya: lol. confirmed!
me: high five

September 18, 2014 at 11:19pm
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Friday 19th September @ 4pm, Artificial Beach. #Findmoyameehaa #suvaalumarch
My Maldivian Flag

Friday 19th September @ 4pm, Artificial Beach. #Findmoyameehaa #suvaalumarch

My Maldivian Flag

September 15, 2014 at 10:36am
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Graph showing the Age of Victim and the Year Murdered of 38 publicly documented Murders in Maldives since 2001. Data via 

Graph showing the Age of Victim and the Year Murdered of 38 publicly documented Murders in Maldives since 2001. Data via

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Space tourism - feel the universe from the comfort of your own home
By @monochromist

mm pls come back and make some hipster lhen for us to put on these

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September 11, 2014 at 10:53pm
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Let go of
How you knew me.
Let go of
What I used to be.

Röyksopp & Robyn “Monument” (Music Video):


September 10, 2014 at 9:24am
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thought control x lhen explosion | naaru


thought control x lhen explosion | naaru

September 4, 2014 at 12:43pm
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#findmoyameehaa 5 minutes